Today is day 20, going into Hatch Day (day 21), since we started incubating the eggs at 6 PM on Feb 1.

I heard a lot of peeping!

Plus some pipping!

The first little monster has pipped their egg!  They may be here tonight!

I have pictures of the incubator and the pipped egg, which I’ll try to put up later.



I lost interest in the blog a while ago because, y’know, life got in the way.

However…new baby chicks are a’ coming in just three days.

Thought it was about time to reboot, delete the old posts, and start afresh.

I’m also going to dig out my French cookbook and make some scrumptious pastries.

Check back for my incubator pictures and the new little ones!

First post


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The Wall Street Journal says blogging’s dead, but I don’t believe it.  I wouldn’t have made this one!  I deleted a five year old blog at Livejournal.  I rarely updated it, because that site is more geared towards the kind of people you would find on Fandom Wank, 4chan, and Encyclopaedia Dramatica.  And let’s face it:  I’m too old for that shit.

So I decided to make this new blog about my hobbies:  jewelry making, French cooking, raising chickens, and gardening.  Those are more interesting than being emo, I think.

Let me briefly describe my fancies before I go off and customize this blog…

My husband and I first raised chickens 15 years ago, before we got engaged and long before we had children.  (I have three:  Nick, 11; Holly, 9; and Lily, 7.)  He built the coop, which still stands in my MIL’s backyard, and is now used as a doghouse for three kooky dogs.  😉  We let this hobby go by the wayside as we got married, started a family, and the hubs set up his own business.  Now we decided to get into it again.  We have 15 baby hens on the way from Chickens for Backyards (  Since we’re getting into this for egg production, not rotisserie birds, we picked breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Black Giants, Americanas (the Easter egg chicken), and Buff Orpingtons.  They’ll be here the first week of March.  Expect lots of pictures and regular updates.

I’ve been interested in making my own jewelry for a long time.  I made my own wire wrapped and briolette pieces last year; this year, after amassing a large collection of loose rose cut diamonds and gemstones, I’m moving into metalwork.  I’ll be posting pictures of the gemstones.

The French cooking story’s a bit unusual.  I studied French from 7th through 12th grade.  Despite not having actively used the language in over 20 years (23 to be exact), I can still read French well.  So I chose the country for the Girl Scout International Day.  I went to the library and found a cookbook; I also dug up a Martha Stewart magazine from last year that had a feature dedicated to French tarts and pastries.  I have to cook one for this event, so I decided, I’m going to try out these recipes.  I’ll be documenting my results here as I try them.

I started a garden in 2009, after visiting Longwood Gardens ( around Christmas 2008.  Since the garden is still relatively new, I still have to fill holes in to make it look like a real garden.  I’m also planting vegetables.  Right now, it’s covered in leaves, and before that, a ton of snow.  As soon as the masses of tulips and daffodils I planted last fall bloom, I’ll have pictures up.

Hope this sounds somewhat interesting.  Enjoy my ramblings!